Wednesday, 3 October 2007

A 'little' Sweaty?

Law school results are released today.
At least that’s what we were told… then again we were also told that we wont ‘require any payment’ to check our results but from what I hear we have to buy scratch cards at Zenith Bank, na wah o.
I decided to blog my thoughts before and after- I have always looked forward to law school. At least since Ugo had that first class- it just seemed like something I could do- like a near to my tips of the fingers thing.
So, I got to law school, all ready to rumble until…
Any ways, I did it, went through it- attended lectures, tutorials, read etc. I even joined the moot court team as counsel (for prospective students – it’s not all that important. It takes a lot of your time, better spent studying and if you really want to include it in your resume, I think it’s enough to be a witness or something, otherwise just attend and watch… that’s enough to learn)
I enjoyed law school, learning and all that. But if you ask me, I think it’s a little overrated. Sorry, if I’ll be destroying a lot of fantasies, but it just is a bit overrated- the stuff about the uprightness, everything works etc… Maybe if you went to a school that reminded you of DRC or Rwanda, just maybe then, the whole experience will be somewhat ‘awesome’. But if you went to my school, the difference is more like wink-and-you-miss.
I don’t know- I guess I’m a bit nervous, a bit. I’m worried about my results- and me whether I would be disappointed. The bit about how law school results can be ‘crazy’ and has nothing to do with how well you did in school fazes me.. ok, I admit, it scares me a bit.
I don’t know what, ‘m just scared.
The rational part of me says not to worry, the God-relier says He’s got my back… but ‘m scared. Did I do well enough? Did I?
Did I pass.. well?
My heart beats a bit harder than my fingers can tap.

In a few minutes / hours, I’ll know for sure.

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