Tuesday, 8 July 2008


This is a bit late but wrote it a while ago- unfortunately didnt get it finished and whatever-

It's a rejoinder to Mr.Olaniyonu's "A Second Chance for Ibadan Elite" (I guess it's okay to say stuff bout an almost one-month-dead- yoruba-elder). You can imagine my shock when right behind the Thisday (which arguably sits comfortably in Nigeria's top three dailies- besides their entertainment leanings). I saw the beginings of a halo over the infamous "Bashorun Gaa". I hope Mr Olaniyonu reads this and for shame,retracts that piece- or at least finds an objective friend-editor to read his pieces.


The right to free speech, freedom of thought and expression are sacred and most constitutions jealously protect these rights. I am aware that columns are primarily matters of opinion to which every person is entitled to- whether clearly thought or otherwise- and the rightness, sense, clarity or perceived independence is often subjective and in fact, another opinion.

I read Mr Olaniyonu’s piece last Friday- on the Adedibu we never knew- and while I did not agree with him, it acknowledged that it was refreshing to read an Adedibu-themed article that did not blindly join in the stone-throwing. However, I was alarmed to read his subsequent piece on 20th June. Recently, Nigerians have been force-fed with different rehashes of our recent history so it might have been a tinge of paranoia that sparked my alarm at Mr Olaniyonu’s perspective of Adedibu’s Amala politics and another ‘unnamed’ elite.
Before we are sold on another remix, or entitlement-mentality- Nigeria is not a socialist state. While government may play a role in protecting its citizenry from anti-trust leanings by corporations, no one is entitled to be fed by profit-maximising capitalists.

Ibadan has remained stunted because its Strongman had other ideas as to governance. Flowing from his ‘native intelligence’, government did not need to provide the basic infrastructure to help its people thrive if they could look upon a ‘Saviour’- why teach fishing when you can give a fish a day? The Yoruba in me shrinks at condemning the dead but not at another attempt to carve a halo on another head on the back page of one of Nigeria’s leading newspapers.

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