Monday, 5 July 2010

I don't know why K'Ore's Eledumare 'Werks'

There are many reasons why K’Ore’s ‘Eledumare’ album should not work.

It is a gospel album in a world where anyone with half of a commercial brain will not define an album as ‘Christian’. It sounds like Sting with Yoruba parents, Erik Benet with funk, Fuji and sometimes rumba. It is a first album that features an unknown rapper.
For some reason,’ Eledumare’ happens to work.

‘Eledumare’ is a twelve-track offering with a hopeful ‘I believe’ an opener. I like ‘I believe’ for its laid back vibe and violins. The next comes with very danceable ‘Eledumare’ and ‘To Declare’ (a call to arms with beats).

I absolutely love ‘Abeemo’ with J Lyricist for its fuji, rap and soft rock. So More rhymes with K’Ore and ‘Ibuchinimo’ samples soft rock and highlife. ‘Bebelube’ is an easy favourite with its tongue twisting proverbs. ‘Yanibo’ is my very own favourite, which probably betrays my illusions – struggles in a man’s head torn between family and the pretty girl, ‘who touched him with her heart’.

K’Ore tells of his faith and dances us into believing it. He does it so well with ‘Eledumare’. I even like the annoying rambling skits. It does a little more than ‘werks’.

K'Ore rocks.

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Anonymous said...

it more than werks, it rocks big time

Ayoka said...

I think so too.
I bought ten cds.

Explorer said...

Infact it is more dan worked it is d workest see i really really love dis guy and d summary is just dat heez so gooooood keep it up bro m expecting ur next album

Anonymous said...